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Sahara Wonderland

Sahara Wonderland shows a unique place of our planet, the birthplace of humanity. It shows the magic and the loneliness of the location and should convey a feeling for our planet and the environment.


Directly from the Ahaggar National Park following locations are in the video:

Spaceship (View to Earth)
Tassetouft (Sunrise, huge starry sky) View on Google Maps: tinyurl.com/​Tassetouft
Tin Ackacheker (Sand and sun, moon and stars) View on Google Maps: tinyurl.com/​Tin-Ackacheker
Thaggahrat (Sanddunes with wind)
Idenet (Rocks and tree, campfire, night sky) View on Google Maps: tinyurl.com/​Idenet-Oued
Tagelmant sama (Sunset on hill) View on Google Maps: tinyurl.com/​Tagelmant-sama
Tilafassa (Sunset clouds) View on Google Maps: tinyurl.com/​Tilafassa
Youf Aghlal (Strange rock formation) View on Google Maps: tinyurl.com/​Youf-Aghlal
Assekrem (View over Hoggar Mountains) View on Google Maps: tinyurl.com/​Assekrem
Eghahar-Malan (Sunset on a rock) View on Google Maps: tinyurl.com/​Eghahar-Malan


Music is from:
SaReGaMa saregama-music.blogspot.com/​

Technical specifications

Some Infos for the tech guys:
Camera: Canon 5d Mark2
Lenses: EF 70-200 f/4 L IS USM, EF 15mm f/2.8, EF 17-40mm f/4 L
Others: Selfmade Dolly, Selfmade Rotarytable (for Motion Control), Sennheiser MKE-400, EEEPC, A lot of storage, several DC 12V power adapters, two 12V mobile batteries, Velbon DV-7000 Tripod

Video and music is licensed by CC-NC-SA


Download 720p:
zoomion.ch/​var/​videos/​Sahara_Wonderland_720p.mp4 (h.264 | 244 MB)

Download 1080p:
zoomion.ch/​var/​videos/​Sahara_Wonderland_1080p.mp4 (h.264 | 944 MB)


Special thanks goes to: Abdelkader, Kevin, Sabine, Marianne and Mohammed